you know what they say ...the purpose of life is to find out what the purpouse of life is....

Life's interview

It starts with a lusty yell of "Push"
may start out fine or perhaps may not,
My first words to my earthly boss is my unending cry
one that thru life may turn into smiles and laughs sought.

Yet there are no questions,or maybe posed in silence
for which i recklessly rummage for answers,responses,solutions
How tough to take on life as a full time job
its inherent force abrasive and ribboned with confusions

The pleasures I desire to have, dictate my choices
of morals, of friends, perceptions and life's exposures
Which land you into the openness of myriad outcomes
the sorrows, the hurt, the love... the leisures

But I belabour my mind to deep frontiers
Seeking that compliment,that raise... that promotion
But to what worth,sometimes it all sums up to nought
for you seem oblivious of the gist the idea...the notion

But really the secret to life's interview is to want,
to appreciate the constantness of the heartbeat and its throb
To let others be, and to enjoy the bountifulness of now
appreciate the moments...yourself... and you might just land the job!

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 715 times
Written on 2006-01-25 at 14:52

Tags Life 

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kip certainly possess the gift, your excellent choice of words is worth a second read...perhaps alls left are the minor details, otherwise i envy your style... 'My first words to my earthly boss is my unending cry'...lov'd that line...

Veld Cooper
Welcome to the Bay, my brother - great progress since your first poem!