For a friends broken heart

The Warmth of Darkness...

Last night the howling wind did blow
While clouded skies, they spit forth snow,
And Darkness again wraps my soul
As Winter kills with her frozen cold.

At six o'clock this early morn,
Another lonely day is born
To take the place of yesterday
And keep my dying soul at bay.

Sunlight entering through the blinds,
A dirty ashtray it does find.
That last cigarette you did smoke
Lies crumpled as your final note.

This morning opens bright and cheery
These tears do sparkle for you dearly
As evening descends on me alone
Since Darkness took you to its home.

Poetry by Morpheus
Read 690 times
Written on 2006-01-25 at 15:18

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Veld Cooper
Brilliantly crafted as usual, dear friend! Brought more than a tear to my eye, indeed! Trust your friend will perk up somewhat after this fine write!