A tale of a real event, with a twist....

Blood Red

I step slowly into the clearing, drawn by the strange sounds that intrude my tranquility. I am taken at first, by a soft, sickening squelching under my feet. It is then I notice the macabre scene before me.

It's everywhere, splattered red in every direction, some bright and fresh, others dark and dry. The ground beneath my feet layered with ended life. I feel ill, my head spins but even still, I hear the muffled voices and am compelled to push forward to see what my beating heart is telling me I don't want to see.

I push a branch carefully away from my face, frightened to make a sound. Half of me is screaming to run from this terrifying scene, but I am however still moved by morbid curiosity...the sounds before me becoming increasingly clear. I hear two voices, one male one female. The male is mumbling something in a deep resonate voice though the words are muffled. The female, moaning deep in her throat. Long, breathy moans...then I am startled by a sudden shriek. "No!", she screams, "It's got me!".

It is then I peer around and see the woman, her hand at the nape of her neck, the crimson fluid streaming between her fingers and dripping to the ground. He pounces on her from above, she screams again. He attacks her from behind, his blood red hands around her throat. I am mortified as I take in the whole picture, yet frozen and unable to move. The stains run down his arms and legs, his clothes a soaked mess, he forces her mouth open with two fingers, the other hand still around her throat.
A steady stream of red runs from the corner of her lips. He leans over her, and with slow deliberation, licks the redness as it runs down her pale white neck. She moans again, the familiar sound that led me to the clearing.

I dare to step closer to get a better view, but a twig snaps beneath my feet. My heart beats like a crazed moth trapped in a lightbox, they have seen me! It occurs to me to run, but my feet are caught in the gnarled roots of a tree, my chest so tight I can barely breathe. He releases his grip on the woman, she is smiling a bloody smile at me as he lunges towards me with huge crimson hands outstretched, I am trapped with fear as he says,

"Hey Rache! Wondered when you'd get here! This is the biggest mullberry tree I've ever seen, grab a bucket!!"

Short story by Purple Phoenix
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Written on 2009-01-16 at 04:07

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what a writer, you capture the reader with suspense, well done and I am so enjoying your work.