reflections on my reflection....

Seasons of Green

staring back at me with her intense green eyes
she's still pretty, in a fashion
although the years are creeping in....
her lipstick doesn't quite stay within the lines anymore
long hair, once as red and fierce as her nature
softened with lines of bottled colour
to hide the grey she refuses to admit is taking over

her form, once firm and fit has now softened, rounded
she muses over the things it used to do
things it probably shouldn't have, and probably
will never be as supple or willing to do again
memories bring a wry smile tinged with sadness
thoughts of a time when love meant sacrifice...
and a kiss came as readily as the back of his hand

a time when nothing was safe, for her or her baby boy
so she hid, tucked away in her cave, shivering
with only her son's love to warm her
the one love she can trust... pure and untainted
but as years travel fast and a child grows so quickly...
she knows she can't bask in that glow forever
soon the nest will be empty and change is inevitable...

the hiding must end before it all passes by
understanding now he needs more, and so does she...
true, she still ducks when someone close by waves
flashbacks of flying fists don't leave so readily
but the fear of being alone outweighs the fear of pain
and the eyes, jade but not jaded, have a steely quality now
a glint only those who know can truly see...

there is strength, wisdom and beyond all, hope
hope that once beauty fades, a light still shines
like a beacon for a soul that just like hers,
truly wants a chance to love without limit
and live without shackles, even the self imposed kind
she steps away from the mirror now, out into the light
and together we shout... I am not afraid anymore

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
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Written on 2014-06-23 at 18:05

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
This is very nicely written. I hope that the final declaration is true.

A very powerful poem of a situation that is much too common.
Well done.