I drove past my ex a while ago, it hurt to see him trying to get my attention as he waved frantically, but I ignored him, he ditched me... then I went home and scrawled rather than bawled...

Gone With the Wind!

Alas my dear friend we have drifted apart,
Our love wafted away like a forgotten fart.
Perchance you see me with my nose in the air,
I must have caught a whiff and remembered you there....
To compare our love to the breeze gives it way too much class,
If only you'd spoken from your heart and not from your arse....!!


Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 411 times
Written on 2009-01-17 at 08:24

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pfffffft, this sounds good therapy - you have to get mad before you move on!

Elle x

made me laugh and laugh, this was good fun. I tell you they can just stink to high hoe.