blackbird (with a_r_glasgow)

The synergetic wings of a heavenly raven
Crowd the common thoughts inside my mind
And I search for a comforting warmed haven
The feathers of onyx black have me blind

The shining of these dark eyes transfix me
Hypnotized with lust and barren of fear
I acknowledge the trust thrusting at me
It's vapid edges are harsh and solid, it's sheer

(rich-soil eyes that buries him
back into the earth

"blackbird, little blackbird?"--
(deep into the earth)

so he continues his search

touching her wounds in the sky
an empty song
in the frozen air
shrill and filled with silk

&purrs with loneliness
beak touching each cloud
drugged with veils
her song both sweet and

each branch a distant thorn
he climbs, and waits for the
in her song

"what are you doing here?"
her voice is full yet sheer
and he thinks, please don't

Grasping my hands at this angelic blackbird
It moves away and flies from my grasp
The stars blink as it passes them upward
And I know that this love was my last

Poetry by anguisette
Read 914 times
Written on 2009-01-21 at 21:36

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!

A brilliant match of
poetic artistry

EVERYTHING about this is perfect