A short story, poemy-thingy... just something I had to share...

From the Eyes of Babes.

The picture; a small fishing town celebrates annually,
the tuna industry with a carnival atmosphere.
Sideshows rides, diverse music.
The population of our quiet haven doubles....
and the carnies charge more than your first born for a cup of chips.
I'm bored with the fanfare, the bustling, pushing my way through the crowd.
Arms tired from hanging onto the junk I've paid too much for.
I only stay for the fireworks.
The ooohs and ahhhs of thousands at once.
The sounds that both frighten and thrill me...
The crowd buzzes with anticipation,
awaiting the announcement over the air.
The skyshow is about to commence,
but in the bubble of voices and music,
two tiny voices take my ears...

A girl, barely ten sits a few feet away from me.
On her lap, comfortably wrapped in her jacket,
sits a small boy, about four, maybe 5.
I assume they are brother and sister, by her protective, maternal nature.
The night wind is cool, he nestles into her chest,
I smile, and cannot help but listen into their conversation.
He says, "I'm scared, I mean I'm not scared, I'm just pretending."
"It's okay... I got you."
"I went on the biggest ride, and I didn't even throw up!!
"You did didn't you?!"
"And I held on.... as really tight as I can! And I didn't fall out!"
"Are you cold? Don't be scared, it's just noisy pretty lights in the sky."
"I'm not cold, I'm just pretending."
"Oh... is THAT what you are doing!"
"I'm not scared. I'm cold..... I love you!"

She adjusts the jacket, wrapped over his shoulders,
hugs him protectively, he flashes me a smile,
That beautiful contented smile of a child who knows he is loved.
The air has grown chilly, but my heart is warm.
Amidst the busy hoards, the sound of the carnival rides,
I have witnessed innocent beauty, silently, anonymously.
"Get over here you two", Dad says in an impatient voice.
They look guiltily at each other, and obey.
Shuffle still hugged together, to their weary looking parents.
I watch them drift into the moving crowd.
I wonder if the fireworks we are about to see
will take my breath away, as much as the love I had seen.
The fireworks begin, I look to the sky and smile.
And watch with the eyes of a child.

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 458 times
Written on 2009-01-24 at 19:27

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