Sitting in a heat wave, looking at pics of snow... I just had to write something of the irony!

Perspiration Appreciation!

How funny it is, odd I mean
To read of peoples lives in streams
Reflecting thoughts, ways and means
The different ways they share their dreams

I see people talk of snow
It's 45 degrees celcius here you know
The jeans girl wears skirts three days in a row
And forecasts say three more days.... Oh No!!!

I see their posts, read them all
On the other side of this earthy ball
While I'm melting here, the ice does fall
In my perspiration, I'm the envy of them all!!

With my skirt tucked into my pants,
By the fan, sprayed with water I dance
I'd trade places in seconds if I had the chance
But so would my UK friends, in another circumstance

So here I am stinking hot
But oh so grateful for what I've got
I'm not shovelling snow like the Brits and Scotts
And they say the grass is greener, what a load of rot!

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 509 times
Written on 2009-01-29 at 10:07

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
This is a wonderful poem. I love how it makes us all think about our different worlds. Here in very southern Indiana USA we have been declared a disaster area by the President. We have a snow sandwich; about 3 inches of ice, 4 inches of snow, 3 more inches of ice and another 3-4 inches of snow. Tens of thousands of homes are without power here and across the Ohio River in Kentucky which is also a disaster area. They say it could be 7-10 days before all power is restored. Thankfully we have power, so far. We are expecting another storm in three days. Oh, it is 10 degrees Fahrenheit now.

Mark J. Wood
Hi Rachael,

you have 45 degrees and we have only 6. Get a Jiffy-bag and send us a few; you can spare them. Your poem reminded me that we do have sweat-glands here we just never use them.


Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
Very well tuned... I'll take the heat any day.