My self introduction to poetbay. Bon appetit!

Waiter! There's a Typo in my Soup!

Do my opening lines entice you?
A twist of lime with that rhyme?
Of all the pages here to choose from
So glad you chose this place to dine!

Let me show you to your table
I'll offer you an aperitif, a sniff
Voulevants filled with thoughts,
Laced with feelings, take a whiff!

Do my squiggles make you giggle?
Or perhaps a little haiku stew?
Open some bottled up emotions,
The house special, own home brew!

A smorgasbord of stanza
A tail of fishes, full of wishes.
I'll just leave a menu to peruse shall I?
I'll be just outback, preparing dishes!

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 961 times
Written on 2009-01-30 at 07:55

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Kee Zealy The PoetBay support member heart!
Now this is great. Nice vocabulary used well and funny too.

This was terrific, sort of Shel Silverstein meets the Galloping Gourmet! ;-)

This is great and is the second of yours that I read today. The title is exaclty why I clicked on it. I intended to read one and go, but I love unusual titles and am tempted by them. So, I just couldn't resist this one.

It was definitely worth reading too.

Dee Daffodil
Very clever piece ! Creativity cooks in this one ! :-)

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Delightfully full of delightful metaphors..
Enjoyed reading it

xxx Stan

Chris Fernie
Once again you have served up a warm and witty alphabet soup of verse. All your work has a wonderful musicality, and some of your poems are very lyrical; no wonder you are singer/songwriter.

Welcome to Poetbay!

I can't wait to see your main course!

With best wishes from shivering England,


PS Any chance of transportation?