In the words of a stoned person

My dearest rose

I am holding on to you

Like a hurt flower

like a butterfly heading to the sun

like a radio without any music

some random notes in the air

oh,fill me up with love and hope

I deeply miss these conversations we made

all night

I guess you got spoiled and you're not coming back

am i right?

I look right to the sky to see whether there is any light

you're lost and never found, I'm all screaming out loud

some words I've never said, some stories left untold

you swore our affair would never grow old

lies are easy,all you do is choosing the easy way

oh,fill me up with love and hope

I don't know if I can carry on

to the words of that after midnight song

I'm hoping I can find you in these words

in the meaning they conceal

you're close,you're near,yet too far

I can't touch you,I am isolated in my shelter

a loner who can't do any better

Why am I here,why am I writing?

I ask people to tell me where the nearest pub is

but they don't know, or at least they won't show

this little girl with cocaine eyes won't let them say

where booze is,where she can drown her pain

I have no money and home, just a lack of love and hope

I whisper to the Invisible Man on the broken chair

but he's either deaf or dead

or I'm just lacking off seeing clearly what's on

oh,fill me up with love and hope

I can't visit a danceroom, I don't fit there anymore

I need to cheer up, but it's you I miss

and neither cigarettes nor pills can heal

Down in the Lonesome Lane, two drunks are singing in the rain

the sinner's insane, or he got eased in the brain

I am smoking a cigarette but you're somewhere in the smoke

I can smell it,as it kills my lungs

as it burns my toes and murders my senses

some vodka would do, but all I really need is you

your hug is worth two beers, or more than two

oh, fill me up with love and hope

I got so dizzy by this smoke

I'm gonna throw up on the ground

I can't react to this rebound

it's two o'clock and I'm drinking to pain

I want to dance but my bones are numb and my face's pale

my senses have been stripped, and I got no pill to swallow

I call out random names of ex boyfriends and girls I used to call friends

they are not there,they never were, it was all a compromising affair

I chase a shadow next to a lonely pub and I am looking for my drug

that has to be you, your eyes are still so baby blue

I've sinned but I need love, just like Mick or Sue

they're both stupid yet they got some love which will do

oh,fill me up with love and hope

and I'll bring two bottles of Stella Artois to your door.

Poetry by Eva
Read 822 times
Written on 2009-02-01 at 01:03

Tags Love  Hurt  Drugs 

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