Sweet memories plague me
Like a mirage, I thirst for you
Though you are miles away
I see your face, each day anew

I think I see you in a crowd
My heart skips a foolish beat
In my dreams, inhale your scent
Lost without you, incomplete

I search the blackened sky
When it's cold, to find our star
Across the sea, so far from me
I know you see it where you are

Separated, though true we are
No surgeons knife, cut us apart
Even if I removed you from my head,
You are embedded, in my heart

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 417 times
Written on 2009-02-03 at 03:01

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melanie sue
This is such a beautiful poem. The words flow from your heart so soft and sweet.......whoever inspired this poem surely must know how lucky they are!