A bit of soul searching....

The Chameleon

I heard him say, "Why couldn't you stay,
The way you were right at the start?"
I could have asked the same of him,
But I just didn't have the heart.

Do we change ourselves to impress,
Are we ourselves at all?
Do we see all that is in front of us,
When into love we fall?
Is it possible to adapt to change,
And still remain yourself?
Or do we change, to be accepted
In fear of cobwebs on the shelf?

These questions I put to myself
After Sir "It wasn't meant to be"
Maybe what he saw at first,
Wasn't even the real me.
It's hard to place the blame here,
In our own way, we all conform...
The strongest trees bend and sway,
Give way, amid the storm.

The challenge now, is crystal clear
With the next Sir "Beau to be"
As I evolve, my colours may change,
But the whole picture, stays true to me.

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 560 times
Written on 2009-02-04 at 08:08

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Mr painter
Excellent written poem

Kathy Lockhart
bending without breaking is what is important to me in relationships. It is a fine line to walk when trying to preserve the truth of self while allowing growth to come through chance and the use of 'new eyes' or ways of thinking.
I really enjoyed your wisdom here written in this very fine piece of poetry.

Dee Daffodil
I think this one should be worthy of a gold star....excellent poem...loved it !

Eli The PoetBay support member heart!
Exceptional piece of writing. Very honest and revealing observations on the part we play in our own search through life. Thank You.