This love poem is something i made for my mom's anniversary but i add a bit more to it.. have fun reading~

Facing Love

Once I have a dream,
Bright light not what it seem,
A face, I saw, so clear,
In the dark, I thought, so dear,
I thought, at first, it will never be,
But this illusion, I see, is reality,
What power I possess,
In the future I address,
It will take all that I've bind
To make you mine,
And every second of every day,
I will always say;
Every minute a precious gem,
Every hour is like a dream,
Every year had no ending,
Every anniversary is just a new beginning,
I will recite this in my mind,
Until I remember every time,
your face appears in my thought,
and what happiness it brought,
If there be a day when my heart would sway,
I will always count on you to keep that day away,
I'll keep a part of you in my heart,
So we will never be apart.

Poetry by syer
Read 608 times
Written on 2009-02-10 at 22:39

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