the title taken directly from Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem "Tears,idle tears"

The days that are no more.

Taking a walk back to the autumn fields
back to where I've lived all my childish years
back to where I've confronted all my silly fears
back to where I've cried my first tears

My heart is ripped and I'm not the same
I'm not innocent and I'm drowned by a barrage of blame
a blame for losing my identity in the crowd
a blame for not being able to sing out loud

Sing out my heart loud,the words I've never spoken
the whispers I've avoided,the hearts I've spilled and broken
the songs I swore I'll always keep close to my heart
the songs which you sang when we were together,yet apart

My face is empty and my expression is blank
I've filled my papers with some words which have sunk
words have sunk to the ocean of time and change
words are drunk and smell beer and rum.

Taking a walk back to the school yards
back to where I've suffered aching pain
back to where I've kissed dry lips under the rain
back to where everything was never the same.

Poetry by Eva
Read 649 times
Written on 2009-02-13 at 00:15

Tags Innocence  Child  Sad 

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Rob Graber
I like the way this poem uses repeated phrases, just as Tennyson did with "the days that are no more"!