Until the sun sets down on me

If my heart
if my heart stops beating
will you lie me on my deathbed
give me a kiss goodbye
swear you will not cry
turn around as if you are blind?

If my soul
If my soul starts grieving
do not try to calm me down
do not pull me to the ground
do not put your hand on my chest
because my heart does not beat anymore.

If my lips
if my lips go dry
will you give me some whiskey
will you offer me some wine
will you sit next to me like you used to
and let me invade the secret world beyond your eyes?

If my insticts run wild
if my insticts run wild and make me blind
will you satisfy my senses
will you lie next to my heart's last beats
will you promise you will stay and hold me
until the curtain falls and leaves me behind?

Stay with me
only until I breathe my last breath
and I have no more tears to shed
for I have never known any sympathy.

Poetry by Eva
Read 750 times
Written on 2009-02-13 at 22:22

Tags Death  Sad 

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Mr painter
This one was great poem