too much fake intellectuality


you say I got no aspirations
you say I lack of imagination
you say my poetry is a bunch of words without order
I Think you suffer from a "too-much-logic" disorder

excuse me while I am not going to conform
to words,habits I firmly do not support
your long speeches full of meaningless phrases
this brutality offered as intellectuality is your personal insanity

you say that music is like alcohol
gives you two minutes of elation that slowly wear off
you say that speaking is like drugs
you take some more and you end up in huge cars

Try as I might you will not understand
i do not write mottos on the subway walls
i do not feel the need to kiss anyone's hand
keep your surveys and your so-called polls

While the world is drowning to unhappiness
money,wealth is all that actually matters
you say you can count love in numbers
I say that you are a bunch of cowards.

excuse me while I am not going to be another sorrowful face
excuse me while I am not going to surrender to this mass
i do not feel the need to perform any of your tasks
keep your huge cars and your cash.

Poetry by Eva
Read 550 times
Written on 2009-02-18 at 22:05

Tags Political  Angry 

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