Something i had to do for class... on Cairo (Egypt) and achievements after death... hope you like it

Secret Rulers

Five eldest children of the Egyptian Desert,
Silent but a leader to some of the Great
Unburdened by the hot burning sun,
From great dangers, they will never run,
Pyramids and gold, an achievement for themselves,
Desire their secret treasures and ancient mummies,
Dreams of great power and becoming a marvel,
Horses and Camels the greatest form of travel,
Their Faith an unbroken tiles on equal paths,
Their words a counsel, their advice formed the laws,
Blessed you with delicious food and great friends,
Their image is a happy child's memories,
Teach kind music, a game on the dancing moon,
Like strong pillars, a jewel of the family,
Royal sisters meant for greater journey.

Poetry by syer
Read 681 times
Written on 2009-02-19 at 14:35

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