To Courtney Marion
I'm so so so sorry if I over reacted at you
Hopfully you'll like this poem
And see how much I am truely sorry for my mistakes

I've Made My Mistakes, and I'm Sorry, Best Friend

When mistakes are made
It causes pain in the heart
But why does it seem like I've made the right choice
And yet my heart is still in pain?

Maybe its because I let my friends down
Maybe its because of the harsh words people say
Or maybe its just that my heart has been broken way to many times
To let happiness run though its small veins.

Im sorry if I was mean to you
I shouldn't have over reacted like that
Your my best friend in the whole world
And I just want you back

I've never made the right choices
Because it seems like I've let you down
But right now I need you to help me through this
And make sure that I'm still around.

Im sorry if I couldn't help you through your pain
Because I didn't know how
But I will try as hard as ever to make you feel better again
Because I think I know what to do now.

Its been a tough ride though this year
With being the center of attention for the opposite gender
I didn't want that at all
I wanted friends and a happy life all together.

I know I've made my mistakes
And right now my heart is still broken
And now Im wondering, best friend
If you'll lead me some thread.

After I'm all sewn up again
I'll take the last pieces of thread from my heart
Sew your heart back together
And make sure nothing else tears us apart.

Poetry by Sarah Mae
Read 676 times
Written on 2009-02-20 at 20:34

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Courtney Marie Marion
Hey, I love it so much never think that I betrated u it wasnt like that at all I felt like i had done something wrong so instead I waited and waited for something to hit me in the head so i could apoligize to u... I kno i make it about me lots but that is just who I am I do try to change it takes so much time so I am happy your my friend who doesnt follow nor lead but instead stays right beside me

Rob Graber
I am attracted by the wonderfully rhythmic title--it would be the basis of a great metrical poem.