Sometimes things are meant to happen.

Enjoy ^^

Sidewalk Girl, Meet Sidewalk Guy

She's just an ordinary girl
You meet on the side walk any day
He don't think much about her
Until she looks his way.
Her golden brown eyes
Lock with his own
Then he'll realize
She could be the best girl he'll ever know
And at that moment
She'll turn away
And he'll be left standing there
With nothing to say.

Say what you need to
Before the opportunity runs away
Go on and speak your mind
You won't have all day.

She sits at home
With a book at hand
Then she remembers that guy
Who looked like he belonged to some high school band.
He had the wannabe Emo hair
And calm green eyes
He had one of those smiles
That is alive for a moment, then dies.
She remembers the uncoordinated butterflies
She had when he looked at her face
She would have smiled or said something
If her tongue wasn't frozen in place.

He sits in class with his friends
Waiting for the end of the day bell to ring
When he saw that girl from the sidewalk
Walking down the hall towards the choir thing.
His heart races faster
And his limbs turn numb
That's when he knew
This girl was one in a million to come.
He is excused from class
And follows the sidewalk girl to class
She's standing beside her friends
And sings a solo, as beautiful as shear crystal glass.

She sings the best she's ever sang
She's thinking about the sidewalk guy
Then she see's him in the door
Out of the corner of her eye.
She looks at him full on
And smiles her charming smile
This is the real thing
She had been waiting for; for a long while.

He stares at this girl
Unbelievably amazed
He can't do anything but smile back
So incredibly dazed.

She takes steps towards him
Until she's right by his side
When she mother told her about finding the perfect person,
She hadn't lied.

Her scent makes his legs melt
Her warmth radiated off her emotions
After a long time of the world sitting still
It is finally turning; its in motion.

Sidewalk girl, meet sidewalk guy
And in their amazment,
They never once asked 'how' or 'why".

Poetry by Sarah Mae
Read 865 times
Written on 2009-06-26 at 00:24

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Courtney Marie Marion

Wow, this is fantastic. Truly the highlight of my literary week. Be proud.