The Days are no friends of mine

days are no friends of mine, they come and go
and all my memories and sweet kisses accompany them
in the long trip they make
dangerously sliding between hope and regret
hope for a more shiny ring of love
hope for a beautiful star jumping into my arms
regret for a thousand words left unspoken
regret for the thousand of promises been broken
How can I befriend the witches that locked me down my fiery cell?

I come upon them in midnight hours,while they silently come through my window
they hypnotize the night with their tricks and throw me into deep oblivion
my eyes closed, my heart vulnerable and my senses stripped
I pray for someone to save my memories from drowning in the lake of forgotten flames
the flames of childhood
the flames of sweet irrepressible love
the flames of a fire always burning within
the flames hidden in the eyes of a young boy
How can I save myself from being a victim of my own passtime?

The roads are still the same, but the buildings seem too old
either my eyes are blank, or my senses are too drunk
I cannot find when there was that time when everything
was simply a careless song so divine
days, my followers,always behind me, always in the darkness
in the darkness they shed some light
wearing the clothes of the starry night
the lullabies of a forgotten mother
who was expecting a success
the lullabies of an elder father
who was adored in excess
the lullabies always there to remind me
how much all has changed
and how much my inner thoughts will never be the same
how can days give me the sinful kiss of death and have no blame?

Poetry by Eva
Read 398 times
Written on 2009-02-23 at 22:10

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