The ocean's tempo is like love; it has rhythm, intensity, waxing and waning.

Sensuous Surf

Across the tan lines
the tongue licks
sucks the half moon band
closer to heaven
it narrows to a tight lip
then swallows.

It repeats
and repeats
and repeats.

Spume splats the rocks
in a rhythm matched by
sloppy goodbye kisses
that mean hello
in their private
Heat meets cool,
steaming within.

The surf batters the coast
as hunger batters ecstasy
within them both,
their final kiss
gone with the middle wind
carrying love
to the heights.


Poetry by Reilley
Read 764 times
Written on 2009-02-24 at 15:09

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melanie sue
I love the duality in your theme....I love the ocean too and really can appreciate this wonderfully constructed poem. This is a real joy to read. Thanks.

I do so agree about loves tempo reilly, I really liked the title and the imagery was worthy of a good pounding on the beach...thanks for making me smile, and welcome to a safe haven, Tai

Brian Oarr
Some very nice metaphor and wording in this piece. I especailly like the first stanza, which drew me in ... also found the term "middle wind" quite imaginative. Wonderful write.