it's supposed to be about a suicide, and after that some mourning.
'ruby' is a word i really love, especially after i've listened to "ruby tuesday" by my beloved rolling stones. 'velvet' is the other word i wholeheartedly adore, it is so mild and cute.

Ruby velvet

Cheap nights with a bunch of reefers in her arms
and countless broken hearts on the way
it is three o'clock after midnight and she's already half-drunk
stumbling on her feet as she crosses the road carelessly.

Heavy rain through her overcoat,drops on her cheeks
all her make up smudged and all her lipstick wept
she makes a definitive,macabre dance to some random licks
and her high heels start getting too wet.

I do not know how many hours passed until I saw her
as her breath smell sweet expensive french wine
but the night time is over and the moon has left
In her untidy room one can see a stranded raylight.

Ruby velvet on her bed and some sheets torn
a knife in the heart, two knocks on the door
ruby velvet in her mind, as she silently flew
to places marked by the stain of her knife.

Her knife tells the stories of a ruby velvet
forgotten hotel stories well hidden
the blood spoiled old photo albums and smiles
did she really smile when she silently died?

Ruby velvet,all that remained on her abandoned bed
a bed that yesterday was caressed by a maniac lover
dirty pubs, hard drugs, abusive fags all turned red
ruby velvet tells the story of a painful glory.

Ruby velvet say goodbye to all your lovers that cried
although you have made them suffer and you badly lied
ruby velvet you escaped to the first sweet morning light
no one was by your side to tell you the last goodbye.

Ruby velvet you are still pretty do not cry
wipe the red from your dress and walk heavens
hell is not ready for you yet, you are alone a fire
ruby velvet heroin will not help you anymore through the night.

Ruby velvet say goodbye to all the friends that died
that died when you were buried in the sunset's blaze
ruby velvet your good looks never lied
your cold beauty and your brain like an endless maze.

Ruby velvet where are you now, haven't you tried?
haven't you tried to conform and failed?
ruby velvet there is still some love to hire
some temporary love to light your fire.

Ruby velvet say goodbye to all the nights you cried
there is no time to waste, do some living after you die
ruby velvet I got no love, and no time
my paper's on fire and you are just a memory in my mind.

Poetry by Eva
Read 751 times
Written on 2009-02-24 at 22:27

Tags Sad  Suicide  Pain 

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
i love the repetition of your favorite words; it haunts me. Your imagery is very much alive and the poem runs like a flickering film through my mind. kathy