Behind the window

Speaking words lacking off hope
Lost another hope for today
It was another rainy day
we must learn to move on.

Yesterday lasted way too long
now it is time to open a new door
I know it is hard being rotten to the core
but someone must see through this fog.

Through the window I can see no raylight
just some glittering sparks,single moments of joy
And for one second I can hear the laughter of a boy
but afterwards, we are both devoted to the night.

I know I promised you spectacular sunsets and shining stars
but on my diary there are less happy days than bleeding scars
You are behind the window and making love to the night
caressing stars on the romantic,moonlit sky.

Speaking words lacking off courage
Lost another supposedly happy day
You did not smile and did not give a kiss away
All this beauty-just a show,a camouflage.

Yesterday is just a forgotten song
a ship,a wreck on the ocean
you knew, you always knew it would never last
it had always been crippled,torn.

Poetry by Eva
Read 567 times
Written on 2009-02-25 at 22:11

Tags Sad 

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