Its Better To Walk

Sometimes when something happens
That causes your heart to beat faster
Your happiness is something you wish you felt
Because you never know when it might end in disaster.

Sometimes when you think your happy
You think everything is going to be alright
Because you think love has finally found a way to your heart
And its here to help you win your life fight.

But sometimes its false love
Its only purpose is to let you think your better than anyone out there
Then it drops you like your worth nothing
And then says "I was just joking, I don't actually care"

When something like that happens
It accures to you that people have been lieing
Telling you that its real and you have made the right choice
Telling you its better when your flying.

But its actually better to walk
Because you don't fall as hard as you would up there
You can get right back up and keep walking
And you don't have to ask why don't people care.

Sure when your flying
It feels like you can do anything up in the sky
But reality is that even if you make the slightest mistake
You could fall, and you most likely will mentally die.

I'd rather walk and take things slowly
And make sure I make the right choices like I should be
Because I really can't stand being lied to anymore
And having people tell me I supposedly have happiness right in front of me

Poetry by Sarah Mae
Read 598 times
Written on 2009-02-27 at 02:00

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