In my own sensorium

In my own sensorium
I can feel you travelling forever through my nerves
breaking me
giving out signals
Bending over my frightened self
the touch
the smooth hands of yours
like a bell in my brain
like a phone call in the rain
risque thoughts
good people never make
in my own sensorium
your trip through my brain
a kiss on the window pane
two whispers in the dark
clothes on the floor
knocks on the door
we do not bother, we do not care
we are in our sensoriums now
hitting each other with lethal touches
giving out signs of deadly lust
in my own sensorium
risque thoughts try my momentum.

Poetry by Eva
Read 692 times
Written on 2009-03-08 at 20:55

Tags Lust 

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Lust is a highly intoxicating emotion and one our senses cannot ignore, giving great pleasure but in return, also giving great pain. Get used to it kiddo, this is just your beginning. Much lust to you, Tai