I have always believed most love stories begin with a kiss...are woven by kisses...i could not imagine one without..

This kiss

She edged closer..
her whole beautiful self,
Bold as a soldier
my ears like an elf,
Ready to hear
the sound of love.

As she drew near
I knew must have
the needed passion,
To light her fire
in raging fashion.

Then she stood still
and closed her eyes,
Her wait i could feel
from her deep sighs.

I stuck out my neck..
reaching for tender bliss
My love from a speck..
grown to want this kiss

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 795 times
Written on 2006-01-30 at 12:45

Tags Love 

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wow! love it. Intense, really. :)

Mmmm! This poem feels great!

Your longing can be felt.Please write something about the reaction after the action...if it took place

Yeah, can you fix that thing to me to ?

Celtic boy
The wanting to, the being afraid to dare to, and the total exhileration when you do, at last. Brilliant poem!