I took a walk through the field next to my house and walked along the theater and church where my first love and I first kissed. I think this is one of my most powerful poems. I hope you enjoy it.

I Was Afraid

Walking along the church in the morning mist
I find myself standing in the place we first kissed
I look up to the sky and watch the orange meet blue
The trees light like torches and the day is a new

We laid down in the grass right next to the road
Ignoring the dew that made us feel it had snowed
We shared our secrets and I expressed my feeling
Too afraid to kiss you like a child caught stealing

You leaned into me and kissed me right then
Your lips made me feel like the luckiest of men
It did not take long for those feelings to grow
Soon enough the cold dew turned into snow

The winter was rough and spring almost came
Your feelings had changed, they just weren't the same
I blamed the winter and I dismissed any thought
Of you changing heart and leaving me to rot

So of course it came about to me as a surprise
When you declared our separation with tearless, dry eyes
I was crushed but I would not cry in front of you
It appears my greatest fear had finally come true

I stand here now feeling so alone and depressed
It seems for the time my recovery has regressed
Caught in the past, happy memories fill my mind
My life long love I no longer have to find

It is still you and it always will be so
Too afraid to kiss first then too in love to let go
Now my only fear is that you will get hurt
Or forget of when we first kissed on wet grass and dirt

Poetry by Paul Vermette
Read 582 times
Written on 2009-03-27 at 15:28

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