speaks by itself.

The no ones

I can be your no one
if you are going to be my someone
we are going to strut around
stand out of the crowd
and scream our names loud.

We can be happy no ones
and all the meaning of the world
will gather in the words we say
in the games we play
in the nights we stray.

They cannot see us,they cannot hurt us
it is alright, they will miss the flight
the flight to our world
to the wonderful stories we have always been told
to all the loving that will never grow old.

If you think you are someone
someone with an identity and a heart
look at your face in the mirror
and find the traces of the dark
and your knowledge will grow clearer
as your existence fades to black.

Poetry by Eva
Read 720 times
Written on 2009-03-31 at 23:23

Tags Sad  Identity  Difference 

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