No, I wrote it! You may descibe it...


Are you missing a piece
of the action
do you follow whatever is said
Are you working for peas
just a fraction
never earning your living in bed...

Do you wish you were right
in the centre
ever popular, talking to VIP,s
Do you curse that you might
never enter
in the circle of non 'fish and chips'

Take a bow, you will soon
have your castle
if your silvery spoon you can spot
You will show before noon
that the parcel
you were given contains quite a lot...

Poetry by Caprice
Read 859 times
Written on 2009-04-06 at 01:57

Tags Bow  Dreams  Action 

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Ah, but what about the gift from the start...? ;-)

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
I'v not had my chips , I chip in , when the chancer arises , true I have a chip on each shoulder , so at least I'm in balance.

Thanks Caprece

Okay then; I'll have a go.

Setting sights on the illusion of the future blinds one to the gifts of today.