inspired by Rob's sonnet on Bruno

Sonnet on Frail Freedom

In ancient time the freedom was obscure
A flying word not sacred, was a danger
To just suggest the universe was pure
and not confined would jeopardize, that ranger

would certainly not get away with praying...
The stakes were high and high the burning flame
engulfing every true heretic saying...
It seems so long ago now, still the same

is happening in our time, the choice
of speech seems only free in rhyme secure
we still can see and hear a distant voice

is telling that the freedom is not sure
in anyone of Tellus' corner stones...
So, let's awake and use our voices' phones!

Poetry by Caprice
Read 1329 times
Written on 2009-07-20 at 18:25

Tags Sonnet  Freedom  Speech 

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Very nicely done, a most enjoyable read, thanks :-)

Yes, let's all use our voice ... at least that's something we can do.

You have a way with the sonnet, my friend - I'm impressed :)

Rob Graber
Indeed! I like this; line 6 plays the words just beautifully--wish I had thought of it!