A sin from my youth... and my first English poem.
Written in the lovely month of May.
It's hard not to polish it... but I haven't.

Fairy Tales

So, come
and tell me fairy tales
of love and happiness.
And whisper in my ear the things
your heart will sing for me.

Yes, come
and tell me all your love
and I'll believe in thee.
I love you too
and here I'll stay.
Your girl I want to be.

And though,
I know it's just a dream.
Don't wake me up, my dear!
I want to be your girl
and feel
that always you are near.

So, come
and tell me fairy tales,
'cause Eros showed his art
and here it is, I'll show you, dear.
The arrow in my heart.

My heart will sing
a song for you
of love and happiness
but also of reality
and cruel loneliness.

But tell me, dear
did Eros never show to you his art,
did not he think of you to wear
the suit of love, in heart?

So, come
and tell me fairy tales.
Your sweetheart I will be.
Don't leave me cry,
don't tell me why
I still alone must be.

'cause if you do
I'll still love you,
unhappy I will call
for you, and never understand,
my love,
that this was all.

I'll long for you
I'll sigh for more,
my heart will mourn and weep,
until I lonely, sad and weak
will die, forever sleep.

Don't turn this to reality,
let nothing happen, please!
I'm much, yes, much too young to love
so let me sleep in peace.

Another day
when times have changed
when many years have passed,
when flowers bloom
and cherries blush
I'll find a man at last?

And if I find him
I will think
of young and hopeful dreams.
And I'll be glad
and tell him all
the sad and fairy tales.

So please,
don't tell me fairy tales
of love and all these things.
I'm young and not prepared to this.
I want to use my wings.

I would not like to be
as birds in cages. They can sing,
oh yes, but never more towards
the sky they lift their wing.

So, leave me be
and let me be a bird
that's oh, so free!
Don't catch me in
don't make me cry.
No, free I want to be.

Poetry by Caprice
Read 421 times
Written on 2009-04-07 at 07:21

Tags Love  Bird  Wings 

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Ha ha - not no be told here...

I like this poem, the way it starts off optimistically, reaches a peak in the middle then starts to descend into the depths of "what if?"

The only question that pops up in my mind, since this was written a long time ago... is this: how did it go?

Such a delightful rhythmic flow in this poem!