The words and tone of this one is informed by my deepest dream to positively awaken the spiritual consciousness in many a man, therefore in the spirit os Easter...


As i absorb
luminous light
filled is my spirit
tremendously with might
to cleave through
dark cloud
of wrong volition
last remnants
of false action

Drank he hemlock
his philosophies drawn
in deep shallow seas
of humanitys'
Embraced he golgotha
his words unbake
in wild mild inferno
of humanitys'

Not reality
nor humanity
that drank
that drinks
still drinking

Not reality
nor humanity
that embraced
that embraces
still embracing

Spiritual floodlight
soulful flame
without hesitation
ask i
these answered question

What is good volition?
What is conscience?

Poetry by chuma okafor
Read 577 times
Written on 2009-04-11 at 14:11

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melanie sue
And insightful it is. I enjoyed reading. It does provoke the mind to think about life and purpose and I think it is excellent that you ended with the thought provoking questions. I don't understand the dark side, nor those without conscience that willingly and joyfully indulge in evil doings. I can not fanthom it at all! I understand God's love. I KNOW who my FATHER is and his voice sings in my heart. Thank you for sharing this excellent poem.