once more having fun

Flying and diving...

If ever my star will truly shine
thus guiding my path in the dark
I'd purchase a jar, where gems of mine
would land after courting the lark

Oh, reader! your chuckle is well alive
and anticipating what's next...
From flying with eagles my words will dive
to swallow the depth of my text

A Swede would have shaken his head by now
assuming the poet's a fool
in need of asylum appointment... "how
gloomy, she lost every tool!"

But lo, you are fixing your apple pie
in yearning for spice I convey
In short, you're detecting my dapple eye
and cheering when coming my way...

Poetry by Caprice
Read 478 times
Written on 2009-04-13 at 16:17

Tags Dapple  Spice  Chuckle 

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Rob Graber
A very fun write, with such a lilting meter well suiting the "message"!

Marvellous Caprice
- you are a wonderful spice...
don't read i high, you kno why!