I had to share this, a bunch of jammers, calling ourselves "Mixed Bag" for a last minute show... OMG!!

The Gig From Hell!

I've got a little tale to tell
Of a week or two ago
Our drummer Max recieved a call
Would we like to do a show?
It's a birthday party out of town
With our experience, too easy!
They'll pay us a hundred bucks a piece
Trust me, it'll be breezy!

Four men over fifty,
The other two close by
Do we have enough songs to do it?
What the heck, give it a try
So after a couple of rush rehearsals
We hustle up four sets
Of 70's cabaret and dance tunes
Balls an all guys, no regrets!

Our seven piece Mixed Bag
Find a wooden pallet stage
Under a tarp covered clothes line
And thirty guys half our age
I wondered where the women were
There were none to be seen
As we set up the gear we realise
We just don't fit this scene

You said this was a birthday Max?
He says, well he thought so
Chatting with the crowd, the mystery ends
We're playing a darn bucks show!
We thought she was the stripper!
One guy points at me...
I tried to laugh, but I'm dying inside
They're gonna nail us to a tree!

On cd they're playing AC/DC
We came with Fleetwood Mac
The band says, "Hey we made it here!
Might as well give it a crack!"
There was dead silence from the crowd
As we played our opening song
When we started on Chuck Berry
They began to sing along

I crossed myself, looked to the sky
God save our merry band!
Barefoot in the dirt they danced
All with beer in hand
It seems the classics aren't forgotten
And we made it through the night
But next time we get a booking Max,
I'll take the call, alright?

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 488 times
Written on 2009-04-19 at 09:10

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That was hilarious, I can picture the scene so well, especially the part about you crossing yourself :-)

And those last two lines were the clincher: made me laugh out loud! Great stuff :-D

melanie sue
I absolutely adored this little poetic tale of a musician's plight. The words just rolled off the tongue so rhymic and smoothe. Loved it!

You can't beat some of the oldies for changing the mood - I would sincerely recommend you take the call next time ;-)

Elle x