something I made for class~

Adventure in an Enchanting Forest

Open your emerald eyes,
My lonely, lost child,
to forested mountain slopes.
Watch as a spell cast over you
affecting perception, clouding judgement.
Hear Old Evergreen Oak whispers poetry;
"Listen to the enchanting sound
that derives intense pleasure,
produce tears of joy.
An irresistible inner urge
to follow the tug at your heart.
Value the music holistic nature."

He, the experience listener
Track the unseen path of a regular beat.
Stop to approach
the stripped bark Cork Oak,
Cry a song of tears
While the Poplars lose family to timber,
the products of environmental menace
threatens to conquer their beauty.
He, the kind-hearted child
Gave a lending hand and lead them away
To trail the rhythm and melody,
who provide themselves for your enjoyment.

Hiding behind green tops
watch quietly below on the valley.
Regular beating of drums,
an encroachment on cultivation.
Olives along with elm, beech and chestnut
covers farm, fields and orchard
with black toxic threatening Nature.
He, the tortured soul,
wanting to assist the good
search for a helping hand,
high across mountain range.

Watery echo shout out for release,
captured by the hands of cruelty.
A strong force they form, seeking justice
together waiting to break free.
He, the helper of nature,
call out to kind friends,
help to sever the strong stone wall.
Pushing across the plantation,
through deep valleys,
they move to cleanse unwanted tyrant.

Wolf, Lynx, Wildcat, Fox and Bear
move to defend their dark front.
Wild Goat, Deer, Hare and Bull
observe the fight move out to aid.
When all was nearly at a loss,
the sun angered by the destruction
pour its burning rays onto darkness.
In panic the enemies move to find shade
but all foliage loss to their demolition

Time of peace and greenery restored,
mountain stream and lakes flow once more.
Hear you a musical note,
singing your song,
created from the gentle beating heart,
mould by your caring emotions,
to produce in you a physical ease.
He, the sweet child,
now lulled to fall asleep.

Close your emerald eyes,
My precious child,
to the distant waves breaking the shore.
Hear you the song of a cricket at night,
a soothing rhythm of lullaby.
Touch far deep into your soul,
feel the mystic experience,
baffling analytical explanation.
Endow your sweet listener's ears
with pleasure from the heart
feel it with great aesthetic
the Mother Nature's music.

Poetry by syer
Read 711 times
Written on 2009-04-20 at 18:01

Tags Forest  Adventure 

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