A poem of a broken crystal doll

A Precious Treasure

There will come a day,
When you no longer care,
With a deep foul frown,
You struck me down,
My delicate body tumbling,
Shinning glass shattering,
Unseen legs roll below your bed.
While anger rolls inside your head,
Glittering shards of my tiny fingers,
Turns to dust as the day lingers.
Forget not my crystalline doll face,
When it disappears without a trace,
Don't step on my poor broken heart,
For the pain would tore you apart,
When you finally realise your loss,
Regret not what you unconsciously toss,
Needles of time stood still in a glance,
When you ask for a second chance,
Surprising wishes do come true,
Before the end of time is due,
Watch as my crystals move to fit,
To the place where I would always sit,
Don't close your eyes to the beauty,
Open those wet lids when you're ready,
Remove the darkness that slowly creeps,
See me beside you when you fall asleep.

Poetry by syer
Read 708 times
Written on 2009-04-20 at 18:03

Tags Dolls  Crystal  Treasure 

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...see me beside you when you fall asleep.
Syer this is deep and beautiful. I quite enjoy your poems.
Keep writing!
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