Dec. 25/08 @ 10.19pm

Trying to figure things out...

You catch my eye,
and I wonder what
is on your mind.
Your eyes are a
veil for your soul.
I can make it out, but it's
still fuzzy + unclear.
I feel your eyes longing
for me.
Your body
to me its desire to hold
me close and possess me.
Every touch,
seemingly innocent
and insignificant, is truly
electric, stimulating
my senses.

Are you a tortured soul
like myself? Torn between
something good + subtle
and something passionate,
yet unreliable?
Or am I alone in this
predicament? Do I imagine
your feelings and thoughts
so realistically that it
becomes an alternate world
in my head?

If so, is this craziness?

Poetry by strangelady13
Read 495 times
Written on 2009-04-21 at 08:11

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Not crazy, just human. Nicely captured!