I have made light of this, but I am completely serious. Please be careful out there, it's just not worth the heartache.


A warning to the trusting users
Of credit cards and internet
Keeping cash in your mattress
Seems the safest bet

The banks shun responsibility
And freeze my account
While I sit and wait for frauds
To completely clean me out

I was applying for a part time job
Paid a three dollar process fee
Then they took my card number
Gave it to another company

So far I've lost two hundred dollars
And my temper so it seems
Infuriated by the bank manager
Who ignores my desperate screams

I've issued formal complaints
But they have all fallen on deaf ears
After all it's not THEIR accounts
Going deeper into arrears

If it wasn't for friends and family
I could not feed my son this week
I've had to cancel everthing
And answers still I seek

I would not wish apon my enemies
The tears I've shed this morning
Keep it in a jar under your bed
And please people, heed this warning.

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 500 times
Written on 2009-04-22 at 07:33

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that sucks...I hope things get sorted out for you somehow...

Ouch! I feel your pain! This is exactly why those one-use-only virtual credit cards were invented, to protect people from scumbags like that!