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Picture This

shattered doesn't matter
nor do lies about the truth
what you project on others
is what imprisons you

tears run dry around the Kodachrome sky
numbness rains as the heart veins cry

aloneness doesn't mean a loneliness
sometimes solitude is the best it gets

shattered doesn't matter
nor do truths told thrice
what you sow in plenty
is simply eaten by the mice

wasting away of goodness depletes the soul
when the mill turns round and the grain is mold

listen to the inner voice who calls the plays
turn you back on voices who rant and rave

shattered doesn't matter
nor do words of the sane
as they're torn to bits
by the bitter and inane.


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 650 times
Written on 2009-04-25 at 05:55

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This is a wonderful poem Kathy. I love it from the git-go.

always remember alone and lonely are 2 different things. and alone never means that you can't be happy.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Uh, oh, your intellect is showing. Someone served something offensive into your court and that brilliant brain of yours used your amazing talent to return the serve with a smashing 90 mph overhand that burned the court where it bounced just six inches inside the line to give you game, set, match! Incredible!!

melanie sue
I love this. It rings true with such pleasant rhythmical paradoxes. I enjoyed reading the complexites put so well to verse.

Purple Phoenix
Very well written Kathy... the inner voice knows all but sometimes our heads are too clouded to listen. Well done.

Kathy...this is really hit home to me!