Its about trying to hold on to your individuality within a relationship...something I struggle with...

Torn Apart

I realised it was time
To do something for me
I broke down all my walls
So I could feel free
It brought me so much closer
To the whole human race
When I was finally living life
At my very own pace
Everyday was an adventure
I loved to do my own thing
And then you came along
And made my heart go katching
My needs went out the window
All I wanted was you
To be in my life
And to be honest and true
I changed what I was doing
I did things that weren't me
All I wanted was to please you
I no longer felt free
I tried to hang on to us
But I hung on too tight
You slipped out of my fingers
In the middle of the night
And now I still love you
You have first place in my heart
But my freedom is back
Now my heart feels torn apart

Poetry by Bella738
Read 960 times
Written on 2009-05-01 at 04:58

Tags Relationships  Struggle  Freedom 

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You describe the struggle, women especially have, in trying to find the balance in loving and in doing so, keeping something of the 'we' that we thought we had become.

Love tears us apart and puts us back together, differently. It is a divine feeling though, that no one can ignore.

Don't worry about struggling, you are not alone.

A very well written and poignant poem

All the best to you

with a smile from