new deal?

Working - not working

I finally
got my new printer

three months later

I'll eventually
get my e-mail

by pushing the right

I guess I need
new sparkling buttons
in my life...


Poetry by Caprice
Read 592 times
Written on 2009-05-01 at 12:30

Tags Deal  Sparkling  Life 

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Printers can be very particular, that much I know. Mine is terribly sulky at times - if I don't do things in exactly the right order, I have to turn it off, wait until it has forgotten and then start all over again ...

So I know what you mean - smiled with the text :)

I am a computer phob too but
I know a man who presses the right buttons
and gets me going
every time.

He is good at computers too!lol

Nice work

Smiling at you