yes, it's my own story and I've been struggling not to exact a sweet revenge, by revealing his name. Instead, no one is given a name...

The unthinkable

She was at peace. For once. Playing her favorite game in the cellar room where students were supposed to linger while waiting for next lesson or, as in this case, for the school bus in the afternoon. This day, the last lesson was in fact no lesson at all. In total, she had almost an hour to spend as chosen. There were other students in the room but no one seemed to notice her presence. Having successfully played the maze game twice, she straightened her back and reached for one of the weekly magazines scattered all over the vast table in front of her.

Suddenly, the door opened and a whole bunch of noisy teenagers came swaggering in. Mostly guys, just a few gals. 'For the sake of admiration, not doubt.' Her thought was as instant as her reaction. She recognized every face except that of a rather short guy. They immediately spotted her sitting in a worn-out but comfortable sofa in the back of the room. Instinctively, she rose from it. Better facing the enemies in up-right position. They came towards her. Small tables were scattered all over the room. No escape, as far as she could see. One of them stayed by the entrance, blocking it efficiently.

She knew from the start that the other students would not lift a finger to help her. On the contrary, they sensed the obvious density, the subdued excitement, and were looking forward to some action. No one was reading or playing games now. Just tense anticipation...

She moved completely from the sofa, now standing to the left of it. The tallest of the guys was almost ten inches taller than her and he was now approaching her without hesitation. She tried a quick side step but he was too fast. A sudden hard push and she fell to the floor.

"Take her! Get on top of her!"

The aroused tiny voice of the short guy. Everybody joined in the sudden shriek and the noise was ear breaking. Teenager voices, some breaking, others deeper along with the cheering lighter ones... The tall guy seemed like a giant to her. A giant now grinning in anticipation...

She was guarding herself the best she could. Trying to block out both the noise and his struggle to get her clothes off. Just guarding herself, hoping for a miracle... She was way too afraid to even consider fighting back. His honor was at stake as well as hers... The room was almost dark, the lights had been switched off as the crowd entered the room. Just the tiny bleak light from a very small window near to the ceiling... She totally lost track of time. For how long had she been guarding herself? Half an hour or five minutes... She just couldn't tell.

A whole eternity later, the door suddenly opened and someone cried "hurry up now, or you'll miss the bus!"

She almost hoped she'd miss it. Having to share the bus with them was unbearable. When she finally got off the bus, she didn't choose the regular road to the house. The risk of meeting someone there was too frightening. Instead, she crossed the meadow, slowly walking down to the house three hundred yards away. Crying her soul out. Sobbing " they should all be expelled!" over and over, like a mantra... Finally, her tears dried. She knew deep down that this was not to be shared with anyone. Not her parents. Not her few friends. She'd have to keep it a secret. Possibly for the rest of her life. She was fifteen and the spring semester would soon be over. One year left at school. Then she'd finally be free. Free from nine years of permanent mobbing.

A few yards from the house, she looked down her clothes, only to discover they were not torn at all. She was particularly grateful for this. How on earth would she have explained such a thing?

As she entered the house, she was almost composed again. On the surface. Deep down she was changed forever. But she made one promise to herself. To never ever put herself in such a vulnerable position again.

The would-be rapist didn't succeed. But her fear had been the same as if. The would-be victim can never know in advance if the attempt will be successful or not.

Short story by Caprice
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Written on 2009-05-01 at 15:24

Tags Rape  Promise  Attempt 

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