what the hell...we can't let Zoya and kip have all the fun! I enjoyed the series and thougt should make a contribution..

..Sometimes I feel like a tree...

Sometimes I feel like a tree,
others upon me, look with glee.
That big solid oak,
that pleasures in the rainy soak.
The hard impenetrable teak,
I stand tall, among others weak.
Full and vivacious,perhaps a cypress,
Nature my Mother,the Sun my mistress.
But sometimes the baobab, without a leaf,
in moments so lonely and full of grief.

Sometimes i feel like a branch,
Spreading, if only to let others perch.
Parting upwards, as if to make ways,
for a great canopy, to welcome the rays.
Accomodating those that live in hive,
the buzz, the chirp...my songs at five.
I reach to all, erect and tall,
touching every soul,detesting a fall.

And for the flower so free...
that around me brings the bee.

And for the rain on my skin..
that makes my leaf so green.

To the sun that bathes me hot,
All else, I'd rather be not...
I enjoy being a tree.

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 796 times
Written on 2006-02-02 at 12:14

Tags Nature 

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...i see you've joined the 'Sometimes I feel...'revolution. I have enjoyed your piece my friend, the choice of words is excellent and i love the follow...brilliance is the way to describe it...

Zoya Zaidi
Sometimes I want to be the bird,
Perching on you, my dear tree,
Nest my home inside of your
Greenish canopy...
Chirp and chirp, the whole day long,
And sing my songs to thee!
Eat your fruits and smell your flowers,
You, so lovingly, offer to me!
Court my mate under your shade,
With greatest of glee...
Bring my fledglings up, & feed
Them worms from near by feild,
Which I gather in the spring,
When garden blooms with
Your flowers, my dear tree!

((((((hugs dear in'kwa))))))
That is soooo sweet of you!
xxx, Love, Zoya

ps, by the way, you are most welcome to join in and become the "moth" (for further information, please go to my page!).

Mono Qu
This is great work ...well thought out and intelligently expressed...
Very creative Inqwa!!!