Hopefully this will be my come-back to poetbay - I can hardly keep active >< - 02 February 2006.


How does my seedling grow?

With motivate of the longest date,

And a little stare here and there.


Why does it grow?

To enhance the looks of fiction.

To enhance the adultery.


If the blonde hair on her head

Grows a little longer,


With a more fragile purpose….


How does my seedling grow?

With inspire to transpire,

And a little care here and there.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 714 times
Written on 2006-02-02 at 16:40

Tags Care  Love 

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Zoya Zaidi
"How does my seedling grow?"
Slowly and gradually, under the grove,
First a sprout,then a sapling cautiousely show,
Then the sapling gingerly skywards tip-toes,
Trunk and the beanches,eventually gain
Branches do speard out and heavenwards grow,
Leaves broad, green & supple soon follow,
Soon my sapling becomes a tree, that 'canopies the herd'
Under its shade begins to grow your adultrous love...?

Hi John darling!
Poignant come back poem!
Sorry to make itso innane!

(((((Welcome back hugs)))))

Love,xxx, Zoya