I have such a hard time walking into the SPCA and not taking home every animal I see there. Oneword: towel

"Please...please love me..."

Bright eyes
shining huge and round from a
shivering-skinned face
a hungry, haunted face
body long and lean and
small; quivering, scarred
by hateful whiplash

Sad eyes
begging to be freed
claws digging purposelessly at the
dirty torn towel wrapped
around tiny paws--
beggar's paws
nails chipped and worn and
grown too long;
marks of the unwanted

Compassionate eyes
tiny hands petting gently
the little mouth smiling
a chain jingles, signaling hope
the kennel is opened
puppy and child embrace:
love is born

Poetry by Sun.Moon.Stars.Rain
Read 606 times
Written on 2009-05-20 at 02:23

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Morgan Cellohead
you wrote this poem
this poem is brimming with emotion
this poem leaves the reader full of an emotion
that emotion is not grief
that makes me very happy
this is a beautiful piece of writing
thank you

ummmm how about we just read this for every room we want to give us money?

this is

The most compassionate and
Unbelievably kind and
Caring piece of writing ever
Honed (sp?)
In your pen...
Nothing competes with the
Glorious beauty of a well worded poem.