experience with a girlfriend

Better Days

Gone were those days
Lost were the times
When our hearts were one
Whereto over distance
Our thoughts crossed the hills of time
Breaking all barriers
Our love triumphed space
Even with the distance
We stood strong in care
O! Where art thou I knew?
Save for a stranger
Posing the stead of my dear
Thereto I'm compelled down Ode lane
In the hope to fan a rescue
To the joy that stalked
That which was shared
Now all seem to halt!
Believe me
Time, Space and Nature
Accorded the cause
Mourning that which came to naught
Whilst rehearsing the praise
Of better days to come!

Poetry by Balogun Jubril S.
Read 460 times
Written on 2009-05-22 at 18:41

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