The Ocean Speaks

Moonlight kisses the ocean waves
Stars dancing like drowning knaves
Ethereal swirls of Neptune's might
Makes me in awe of the cosmic light

Buoys that sway to a beating drum
Seashells ricochet along the Earth's crust
Trust that Amphitrite's lust will be precise
Sacrificing their souls to a better place

Lonely drifting vessel searching for a mate
Too late now for the omnipresent driftwood
Demons of the Deep reap the innocent
The Brotherhood of the Sea never spent .

Poetry by GB
Read 923 times
Written on 2006-02-03 at 06:31

Tags Ocean 

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Beautiful, this is very vivid, and reached my senses. I love poems that have to do with the ocean!

I love this one! I can feel the night and the ocean around me...there is a certain rhythm to it..."Buoys that sway to a beating drum"...gorgeous!

Zoya Zaidi
Sea has many moods engaging,
Somtimes calm and sometimes raging,
Sometimes as serene as can be,
Sometimes thundering like a devil be,
Flashing Neptunes brand up and down, dancing in a frezied, feverish glee!!!!

She has many moods, dear me!

Very inspired and full of allusions write!
Perfect rhyme and rhythm too!!!


xxx, Zoya

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Such powerful imagery -
it felt like I was ther in the water -