I've decided to stand for Parliament and this is my manifesto.

An election address by the No Expenses Spared Party

Vote for me, vote for me,
I don't want a new TV,
Put a cross by my name,
I won't bring you shame
By trying to fiddle my books,
I promise not to keep ducks,
And when I knock on your door
You'll know me for sure
By my honest handshake,
Not the grip of a snake.

Vote for me, vote for me,
I don't take biscuits with my tea,
In me you can truly trust,
I'll only claim a humble crust,
And represent your interests
Without feathering my nests,
In these times of garish greed
I vow I'll have no real need
For mortgage or for rent
As my first and second homes

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 375 times
Written on 2009-05-25 at 11:02

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Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!
Excellent pom!

Bookmarked! Would it be ok to teach this to my students as I love it!?