I was on my way down the hallway of a hospital to get a mammogram when I came upon this most captivating little soul called Timber. She was delightful, smiling so freely when I talked to her as she lay in her stroller.

Sweet Earthly Angel

Little bright star, sitting there where you are,
with eyes sparkling green and hair with a dark
sheen, do you know how you make me smile
while on my way to an unpleasant task?
I ask, because I wonder if you were sent
just for me so that I could see
the beauty in this world--a seven week old
baby girl to smile and coo while I look at you.
Oh, how everything wrong just slips away
as I stop to talk and to play with you,
sweet earthly angel.


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-06-01 at 20:58

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Palitha Ariyarathna
you have an earthly touch heart, thanks for the see beauty in angels of Human! grate work

Malin Johansson
Such a sweet poem about a sweet little life :)

An excellently written poem for one so small Kathy. I know you ladies must hate those mammograms, but if they catch cancer while it can still be controlled and maybe even eradicated they would be wonderful that particular time. That little darling must have been there just for you that day. Damon

Such sweet bliss. :)

Such a sweet poem! :-)))