Since long time, over four months nearly, you blocked my profile without any apology or any notice , and it was and meant to me silly and shameful for the behavior done without any reason , and I felt disgusted from this unexpected behavior .
You should know that the great respected poets wouldn't create more than one account , and those self respected poets like Aisha Razem ( me ) would never forger any name or different gender , because they are confident of their identity and truthful personality ! but unfortunately I noticed and became sure that there is a very silly acting on the web poetbay , reached the optimum of insulting the poetry of the respected poets like me , but you didn't even pay any attention to treat this harming plays and miss behaviors coming out of illiberal and dishonest persons who fiddled with this respected site ???
Any way when I registered my name , I mean my valuable respected name , I showed the truth , and I was honest to my gender and name , one profile only by true name attached with true words and gender , but unfriendly when you blocked my profile and prevented me from posting , I felt you chose to harm the right poet to mistreat , and felt harmed , you should have had done this illegal shown treats to the fake persons who fiddled badly and used the respected intellectual site for black heavy fun , to act and fill the lightened creativity in the site pages by their empty hearts and hatred and disgust , they were discovered by us , the frank open respected names in one profiles ands true gender !!
so you now discovered that ??? you also chose the true poets like me to send me this note showing and asking me to do so ???, and you say it : why it has come lately to your attention that some members of poetbay have multiple accounts and some of them they claim to have the opposite gender and different names ???
What have you been doing all those years ?? I myself noticed this clearly and felt it without geniusity , you should have had indentifies the I P in posting from the same computer to make sure also the same attitude and diseased manners , I do not know why they fill the site by claiming lies and nonsense existence ???
But at the same time you harmed the most trustful poets , make sure that you misbehaved also , and when you make your minds to differentiate between the good and bad you will lose the precious accounts from your owned site !!
I'm not proud of what you've done to my account since almost four months and more

Poetry by Aisha Razem
Read 630 times
Written on 2009-06-09 at 23:01

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